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Barrel Towel

Barrel Towel available in both Mini (6 X 140m) rolls and Standard (4 X 360m) rolls

Garage Roll

Garage Roll available per roll

Kitchen Rollers Towels

Kitchen Rollers Towels available in packs of 2’s

Reflex Towel

Reflex Towel available in packs of 6’s

Serviettes 1ply

Serviettes 1ply available in packs on both 200’s and 1000s

Tidy Folds / Tidy Towels

Tidy Folds / Tidy Towels available per Box


Tissues available in boxes of 180 tissues

Toilet Paper 1 Ply

Toilet Paper 1 Ply available in both 48 X 400 Rolls and 48 X 500 Deluxe Rolls

Unwrapped Toilet Rolls 2 Ply

Unwrapped Toilet Rolls 2 Ply available in packs of 48