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Plasters available in packs of 100’s

Plastic Utensils

Plastic Utensils available in packs of either; Teaspoons; Desert Spoons; Knives; Forks; or Stirrers.

Platform Brooms

Platform Brooms available in both Soft(380mm) or Hard(450mm)

Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner

Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner available in 275ml

Polystyrene Cups 250ml

250ml Polystyrene Cups available in packs of 1000’s

Pringles 110g & 45g

Pringles 110g and 45g available in assorted flavors

Quality Streets

Quality Streets available in 500g

Reflex Towel

Reflex Towel available in packs of 6’s


Ricoffy instant coffee available in both 1.5kg and 750g

Ricoffy Sachets

Ricoffy instant coffee sashets available in packs of 200

Rubber Gloves

Rubber Gloves available per pair


Rusks available in 500g